Oneness Day Petition to the United Nations

Special times call for special action.  We officially declare that we are all part of a unified whole with multiple dimensions, each complementing the other. 

We Are All One, and we are calling for the United Nations to declare a Oneness Day.

Thank you for joining thousands of others signing this petition!
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Number Date Name Location Any comments to leave us? (These will be visible to other petition signers and website visitors & these may be published in other places at some point in time.)
92399 September 22, 2014 Corina Sava Galati, RO
92398 September 22, 2014 Anonymous Valley Village, , US Humanities Team
92397 September 21, 2014 Ezekeial Adamo , NJ, US
92396 September 21, 2014 Sandra Yeager Lancaster, , US
92395 September 21, 2014 karen dombrowski crystal lake, IL, US
92394 September 21, 2014 Luwee Francia Paranaque, PH
92393 September 21, 2014 Shawna Brown Bellevue, ID, US
92392 September 21, 2014 Shalini Balaji , , IN
92391 September 21, 2014 Adam HZ Sydney, AU All is connected

Evolving river of consciouness, come Spring or Winter all trees of the same forest.

92390 September 21, 2014 Peggy Randall Idaho Springs, CO, US
92389 September 21, 2014 Ronnie Nalls , FL, US I received this declaration from my lovely wife.
92388 September 21, 2014 Jacquelyn Nalls Brandon, FL, UM
92387 September 21, 2014 Oluwatoyin Oyekenu Abuja, , NG
92386 September 20, 2014 deanna vicars rosenberg, TX, US
92385 September 20, 2014 Anonymous St Louis, , US
92384 September 20, 2014 MICHELE RUSSO brivio, , IT
92383 September 20, 2014 Julian Douglas Vijayawada, AS, IN Social Media.
92382 September 20, 2014 daniella orel tel-aviv, , IL
92381 September 20, 2014 farnault isabelle Proissans, , FR
92380 September 20, 2014 Clara Lakatos Port Angeles, WA, US On the internet. I believe we are all connected. Came from the same Source however you call it, & going back to the same Source.
92379 September 19, 2014 Tom Eck Millford, MI, US
92378 September 19, 2014 David Wick Nanaimo, BC, CA
92377 September 19, 2014 Christine OBrien-Kiszka Hammond, IN, US
92376 September 19, 2014 Sheri Bishop Acworth, GA, US .... I'm an avid reader and after learning about my chakras through Carol Tuttle and reading Ask and it is Given.. Tne new Earth, I brought the secret and moses code dvds and many many other books. I came upon "The only thing that matters" by Neale Donald Walsch which led me here. I feel like I'm finally where I should be I'm doing it a little backwards because I about to read conversations with God now.... Thank you sooooo much
92375 September 19, 2014 Roxana Petrariu Piatra Neamt, , RO
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