Oneness Day Petition to the United Nations

Special times call for special action.  We officially declare that we are all part of a unified whole with multiple dimensions, each complementing the other. 

We Are All One, and we are calling for the United Nations to declare a Oneness Day.

Thank you for joining thousands of others signing this petition!
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Number Date Name Location Any comments to leave us? (These will be visible to other petition signers and website visitors & these may be published in other places at some point in time.)
93824 November 01, 2014 Jennifer McElligottt Douglas, , AU Listening to Global Oneness Day 2014. Life changing.
93823 November 01, 2014 Anonymous , , US
93822 October 31, 2014 Anonymous Goonellabah, AU I heard about the declaration via an email I received.
93821 October 31, 2014 steve womacks , , US email
93820 October 31, 2014 Linda Woosley Greenfield, IN, US When we can accept that we all are one, then we will be free to develop our individuation of the Oneness to the fullest extent possible. I think this would be such an exciting and fun way to live out our development here on earth.
93819 October 31, 2014 Joan Johnston Barrie, ON, CA
93818 October 31, 2014 Marjorie Shepherdson Santa Barbara, CA, US
93817 October 31, 2014 Vicky Rey Hudson, FL, US

We are all Stardust!
93816 October 31, 2014 Shawna Brown Bellevue, ID, US
93815 October 31, 2014 Marika Cartwright Sydney/Australia, , AU Namaste *l first heard of the site from another visionary site*lf our planet & humanity is willing to let go of old dogmas & beliefes &embrace pureness from heart & live in the light *we truly will give to all *our planet & all on it will live on the new earth *mother Gaia*in joy peace love & abundance on every level *we are in a new frontier of evelution right now *we need to help all to awaken to their own light & heal *in the light of the soul Marika
93814 October 31, 2014 Farel Footman Ojai, CA, US
93813 October 31, 2014 betty carmody baulkham hills, , AU a friend
93812 October 31, 2014 Irma Azucena Birchenall Gomez Mississauga , ON, CA In my cellphone in my email
93811 October 31, 2014 Michel Dufour Montreal, QC, CA
93810 October 31, 2014 BLASCO Carine SEISSAN, , FR
93809 October 31, 2014 Ferdinand Bloemen Utrecht, , NL Humanity's Team
93808 October 31, 2014 Jim Wenzel Mason City, IA, US A Facebook post lead me to the site.
93807 October 31, 2014 Ursule Mayor , , CH
93806 October 31, 2014 Anonymous London, ON, CA FB
93805 October 31, 2014 Chisulo Ajanaku College Park, GA, US Where I am From
Dr. Chisulo Akono Ajanaku

I am from the place of truth where there is only the whole of great space and ocean of humanity.
I am from the greatness of the womb that is sacred and wonderfully made.

I am from the place where all heroes received their nurturing and discipline to sacrifice for the greater good of humanity!

I am from that place that exploded when a great light was put out, called 12th street!

I am from the great mixture of gumbo that has many different forms, colors and taste, yet lost it flavor!

I am from that place that yearns to re-unite to the whole of the great truth that there is just one ocean of humanity that is essentially equal in every way, yet yearns to get free form the horrible lies of the past.

This is the place where I am from.
93804 October 31, 2014 Margaret Ruby , , US
93803 October 31, 2014 alejandro leyva miami, FL, US By email i hear it and im in it i support the creation WE ARE ALL ONE
93802 October 31, 2014 Barbara Reed Overland Park, KS, US On facebook.
93801 October 31, 2014 Ann Wagner Wyckoff, NJ, US
93800 October 31, 2014 Fran Romano-Daly , NC, US Global Oneness email
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