Oneness Day Petition to the United Nations

Special times call for special action.  We officially declare that we are all part of a unified whole with multiple dimensions, each complementing the other. 

We Are All One, and we are calling for the United Nations to declare a Oneness Day.

Thank you for joining thousands of others signing this petition!
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Number Date Name Location Any comments to leave us? (These will be visible to other petition signers and website visitors & these may be published in other places at some point in time.)
101460 November 26, 2015 Clara l Port Angeles, WA, US on my e-mail
101459 November 26, 2015 John Langerman Fayette, IA, US I manifest Love For All On Earth and Beyond Daily.
101458 November 26, 2015 Joann Hutton Ellensburg, WA, US
101457 November 26, 2015 Robin Mayforth , , US
101456 November 26, 2015 Paula Hoeffer Cincinnati, OH, US
101455 November 26, 2015 Meera Wolfe washington, DC, US
101454 November 26, 2015 Sonja Schachtl München, , DE schön das es euch gibt
101453 November 25, 2015 Minoo Aram Redwood City, , US
101452 November 24, 2015 Alisha Jeffers Fort Collins, CO, US Linked In, volunteer position posted.
101451 November 23, 2015 Patricia Hartasanchez Chula Vista, CA, US A friend sent me the invitation
101450 November 23, 2015 Anonymous , , AU facebook
101449 November 23, 2015 Anonymous , , GB Online.
101448 November 22, 2015 Frida Wallén örsundsbro, , SE
101447 November 22, 2015 Charlene Campbell Verona, PA, US Facebook
101446 November 21, 2015 Mary Weber Dousman, WI, US The Shift Network/ Humanities Team
I want to do what it says and signed to commit to myself to becoming a better person and help to make the world a better place.
I Want to be part of Spiritual Activism
101445 November 21, 2015 Taketoshi Himo Chiba, JP
101444 November 20, 2015 dale kane , , US
101443 November 19, 2015 Margaret Roberts Merthyr Tydfil, , GB
101442 November 18, 2015 Catherine Ekeleme , , US
101441 November 18, 2015 Judy James St. Augustine, FL, US
101440 November 18, 2015 kathy bengston new westminster, BC, CA
101439 November 17, 2015 Claudia Desilles Chico , CA, US I have been receiving e-mails from Humanity'steam (!!!!) fro some time .
Also have been asking myself the question " what would spiritual activism " be ? In my town we have had meetings around this topic. Now I want to know what Spiritual activism is with Humanity's Team
101438 November 17, 2015 Grandmother Mary Ann Seitz- Hart Boise, Idaho, ID, US Have been "with YOU" for some time...just want to be sure you have "sign"... I believe I signed years ago.
101437 November 17, 2015 Brian WARK Whitby, ON, CA We are learning our Oneness by unlearning our seeming separation.
101436 November 17, 2015 Abitbol Michael Nice, , FR
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