Oneness Day Petition to the United Nations

Special times call for special action.  We officially declare that we are all part of a unified whole with multiple dimensions, each complementing the other. 

We Are All One, and we are calling for the United Nations to declare a Oneness Day.

Thank you for joining thousands of others signing this petition!
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89747 April 20, 2014 Ana Maria Montalvo México, , MX
89746 April 20, 2014 Ghidarca Mirela Arad, , Selecteaza o tara
89745 April 20, 2014 Ruth Hawe , , GB It has been placed in my heart and echoes in my mind that as soon as humanity comes to love and respect all life, and the enslavement and killing stops, we shall know genuine peace. Then the real evolutionary unfoldment of our genuine purpose and power begins! Please go vegan now, for yourself, for the environment, for the future, and for all the sentient beings who encompass the Oneness paradigm of our shared experience. The animals still live as in Eden's garden, and can show us the way to co-create the Peaceful Paradise of VEGANTOPIA together. Visit for my novel "Holy Cow" which explains this <3
89744 April 20, 2014 david gelowitz edmonton, AB, CA
89743 April 20, 2014 Joss Goldsby Oklahoma City, OK, US I heard about it last year from an email and signed up. It helped me on my spiritual path to learn of this community and feel that I could be a part of it. Peace and long life! Joss
89742 April 20, 2014 Cindi Davis GARNER, NC, US
89741 April 19, 2014 Anonymous tARRAGONA, , ES
89740 April 19, 2014 María Adela Palcos C. Autónoma de Buenos Aires, AR
89739 April 19, 2014 alice theriault san jose, CA, US I am the newly published author of a book entitled, "Take Hold of Heaven, Thirteen Spiritual Truths for Parents and Children". Available on, this book is just what you are speaking about---Oneness and not religion. We are universal citizens first of all---after that we make our own choice. Take Hold of Heaven is an offering for the precious children, for parents and all citizens, to become aware, recognize, live and teach, the divine potential within each human being, thus creating and sustaining a harmonious, rewarding, spirit-filled life upon our beautiful planet---with reverence for all! Each human potentially, each being, is of divine origin, equally loved and chosen. What could be a more relevant teaching for our blessed children? Blessings and Namaste.
Alice Theriault
89738 April 19, 2014 Daren Chody San Mateo, CA, US
89737 April 19, 2014 sonia calil florianopolis, BR
89736 April 19, 2014 Marta Gladis González Bahía Blanca, AR
89735 April 19, 2014 Ernesto LARRESSE Buenos Aires, , AR
89734 April 19, 2014 Anonymous BUENOS AIRES, , AW
89733 April 19, 2014 Daniela Zambon Paraná, , AR
89732 April 19, 2014 veronica lahorca grand bourg, , AR
89731 April 19, 2014 Nicola Levine , CA, US
89730 April 19, 2014 Inmaculada Correas Madrid, , ES
89729 April 19, 2014 maria cecilia tarelli Marbella, ES
89728 April 19, 2014 birgit swart vielha, , ES
89727 April 19, 2014 Carolyn Brooks Duluth, MN, US From Humanities team email.
89726 April 19, 2014 Hugo Caprotti Chajarí, , AR
89725 April 19, 2014 Yecenia Del Valle Corado Coronado maturin, , VE Todos somos UNO, el camino no es el mejor, es diferente. Gracias por darme la oportunidad de poder manifestar y compartir esta gran verdad. TODOS SOMOS UNO.
89724 April 19, 2014 Maria Rosana Salinas Nueve de Julio, , AR
89723 April 19, 2014 Anonymous Taos, NM, US
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